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Garlow Petroleum, Inc., was incorporated in the State of Hawaii on September 10, 1981 by E. W. "Jack" Garton and David M. Lowery .  The name "Garlow" is a contraction of the first three letters of both of the families' last names.  Garlow Petroleum, Inc. is, and has been since its incorporation, the Chevron Branded Jobber for the Island of Oahu.  The company is engaged in marketing and distribution of petroleum products on the island.   Prior to the time Garlow entered the petroleum market in Hawaii, Chevron served its smaller commercial, industrial, and agricultural customers on a proprietary basis.  During the late 1970's Chevron decided to create branded jobbers, not only on the mainland, but also in Hawaii.  For the State of Hawaii, four independent jobberships were established.  Their geographic divisions are:  (1) Island of Hawaii;  (2) Islands of Maui and Lanai;  (3) Islands of Kauai and Molokai; and (4) Island of Oahu.  Garlow initially operated from rented space at the Chevron Distribution Center at 933 North Nimitz Highway in Honolulu.  With the exception of its card lock facility, Garlow does not maintain bulk storage for gasoline, diesel fuel, or bunker fuel.  Garlow loads its bulk trucks at the Chevron loading rack under the contractual agreement with Chevron.  Packaged products in drums, quarter drums, pails, and cartons consisting of oils, greases, and special products are obtained via water shipment in container lots from Chevron's mainland refineries.  The principal supply point is Richmond, California.  These products are stored and inventoried in the company warehouse.   At the end of November, 1988, Garlow purchased the long-term lease for the one acre lot at 707 Kakoi Street.  This site is in the Mapunapuna/Shafter Flats industrial district of Honolulu and is located between the downtown area and the International Airport.  The 200' by 240' corner lot contains 47,657 square feet of level land.  Constructed on the back half of the lot is a 24,000 square foot "high cube" steel and concrete warehouse and office building.  It contains 1800 square feet of first floor office space and 2000 square feet of second floor offices.  The remainder of the building is for warehouse use.  The front half of the lot is open and paved with concrete.  Garlow moved into these quarters at the end of June, 1989. During the spring of 1991, a commercial fueling facility (card lock) was constructed in the open front half of the property.  The facility consists of three underground state-of-the-art storage tanks with a total capacity of 22,000 gallons.  There are four fueling locations for gasoline and four for diesel fuel.  The diesel fuel locations include a "remote" pump for dual fueling and a "high-volume" dispenser.  A bulk oil pumping system was added late in the same year.  This system is designed to transfer bulk oil shipments directly into drums for eventual distribution to consumers.   Garlow currently employs thirteen persons.  In addition to the principal, they include four drivers, two salespersons, four office workers, and two warehouse persons.  Employees presently enjoy several benefits: group life insurance, group medical coverage, pension and profit sharing plans, ten paid holidays each year, sick leave benefits, and a progressive vacation plan.